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Do I want a 2.0 litre or 2.5 litre? Do I want a STI within the years of 2001, 2003 or 2006?

Right from the beginning, we will calculate with the fact that we will increase the performance of our Subby and improve the car. We will also abuse our beloved Impreza. So let's compare the individual versions together.

Appearance of the body

The bodywork of all 3 compared models is the same and differs only in minor details, if we ignore the different nose at first glance. If you have already bought a car and you are tired of the appearance of the car, there is no problem to rearrange the nose. Fenders are always changed incl. plastic wheel arches, hood with mask, lights, bumper and the upper face of the radiator wall. A skilled bodywork mechanic can handle a facelift in one working day. It's not a problem to convert a 2002 model to a 2006 model or maybe a 2006 to a 2003 model. It's up to you. One of the important functional changes concerns the front headlights. On the 2006-2007 model, xenon lamps are supplied for the first time on the Impreza STI. All 3 cuts have different rear lamps, and due to the fact that the 2002 cut does not have a cutout for the brake shoe, it also has a different rear bumper - straight under the lamp. Unlike the 2003, the Reza 2006 has rear plastic mudguards that extend to the rear bumper. The side skirts are also different, when the 2006 has skirts beautifully curled into a propeller. Every Impreza has it’s own unique feature and is sexy to someone else. One has a combat appearance, the other is more modern. It's up to you what you drive. A possible crash to the face of the car can change your whole idea and setup about the car.

EJ20 vs. EJ25

The most common question asked by everyone who wants to buy a sharp, cool and playful STI. We know from motor head enthusiasts such as subaru owners and mechanics that the EJ20 engine is more reliable. It has a smaller bore, so we have a little "meat" left on the cylinder, whereas the EJ25 block has a larger diameter piston and some material has been removed from that meat in the block. In the cylinder, it heats up more so we often encounter burnt piston rings. On the other hand, the EJ25 engine has half a liter more. Thanks to this, the engine can spin the turbo much earlier and extract much more torque from the engine. When we replace the stock turbo with a two-chamber turbo from the STI Spec C (VF36/VF37) model. And once you feel the new turbo kicking in, the turbo winds up and the delirvey output is unreal. The engine model with a higher capacity no matter the newer model or not it had an upgraded camshaft and intake manifold. Since 2006, the Japanese have put an even bigger oil pump in this engine, identical to the STI Spec C version. It is impossible to say which engine is better or worse. It's up to each of us if we prefer reliability or greater performance and torque. Both of the engines in the Impreza have been running since 2001 to 2006 respectively. And they are often 10-15 years old, so if you have a souped up subby , there is a high probability that we will meet and provide you with forged parts.

Transmission and steering

I assume that you will use the car a lot and abuse it, for example chasing it in Sosnová, Mýta, Béla, on snow, in holes and etc. That's why it's a good idea to choose the 2006 model, which has stronger axles than the older sisters /brothers whatever. The rear ones like to crack very much. Unfortunately, there is a little confusion with the wheel spacing because the Japanese use 5x114.3. The European use 5x100 which is more widespread and in the event of a problem (defect at races, etc) it’s easier to replace. This spacing is also used by older octavias, golfs and etc. If we continue further, the 2006 model also has a more beefer drive shaft. However, I wouldn't take that as an important thing. It seems much more important to me that the steering from the 2006 model is a little thicker than the 2004 steering, so that it can be converted into a sharp steering, which then has only 2 turns. In older controls, this conversion does not work very well. The most fundamental difference in the gearbox is the DCCD central differential, which is missing in previous versions and not so good in newer versions (since 2008), thanks to the installation of a traction control unit by Ing. Pavel Skácel, we can set things up much better and move the flow forward.

Comparison of individual models

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2001-2002

- Motor EJ20 (1994ccm)
- Turbo IHI VF30
- Power 195kw / 265ps / 343nm
- Mechanical Throttle
- Intake camshaft
- Centre differential
- Thinner Steering Rack (24mm)
- Centre Bore 5x100
- Top Speed 238km/h

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2003-2005

- Motor EJ20
- Turbo IHI VF34
- Power 195kw / 265ps / 343nm
- Mechanical Throttle
- Intake camshaft
- Same parameters as prevouis years
- Top Speed 244km/h

Subaru Impreza WRX STI *Year Breakthrough 2005

- Motor EJ20
- Turbo IHI VF35
- Power 195kw / 265ps / 343nm
- Intake camshaft
- Mechanical Throttle
- DCCD Differential
- Thicker Steering Rack compare to older models (26mm)
- Stronger and Thicker Drive shaft
- Stronger and Thicker Rear Axle and Bigger Joints
- Pump in the Gearbox
- Centre Bore 5x114.3
- Top Speed 244km/h

Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2006-2007

- Motor EJ25
- Turbo IHI VF43
- Power 206kw / 280ps / 392nm
- Intake Manifold and Exhaust camshaft
- Electric Throttle
- DCCD Differential
- Thicker Steering Rack compare to older models (26mm)
- Stronger and Thicker Drive shaft
- Stronger and Thicker Rear Axle and Bigger Joints
- Pump in the Gearbox
- Centre Bore 5x114.3
- Rear differential Oil Sensor
- Modern Dashboard
- Rear Wing
- Rear Plastic Arches
- Top Speed 255km/h

A Subaru Impreza Without Compromise

2002 IMPREZA S202 STI – Manufactured in a limited edition only 400 pieces
2003 IMPREZA WRX STi Type RA Spec C
2004 IMPREZA S203 - Manufactured in a limited edition 555 pieces
2005 IMPREZA S204 - Manufactured in a limited edition 600 pieces
2006 IMPREZA WRX STI spec C Type RA-R - Manufactured in a limited edition 300 pieces

With this article, I don't want to tell anyone what is and isn't better, I want you to make up your own mind and choose the possible advantages and disadvantages. And as of this result, this will make you come to the conclusion which model and year will suit you the best.

We're making Subaru with true love and satisfied Subarulovers are proof of it

Thank you for helping me choose a gift for my husband and our Toyka. Jana

Guys, thanks a lot for the handle and the little brakes. Honza Pánka, Yaris GR 2020

Finally someone who has all the essentials at their yard... Petr, Yaris GR

The wheels fit like an ass on a pot. Arcasting really suit the car! Thanks p. Eliáš, Levorg

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help with the boxer diesel stuff. I admire your stock availability and especially your knowledge. Sincerely thanks once again. p.Kadlec, Legacy Boxer Diesel

I'm incredibly happy, it's going crazy. Kuba, Impreza STI 2016

I don't understand how you guys do it... Ordered on Friday 5:40pm. And Saturday morning PPL delivered… You guys are Amazing! Honza Legacy Spec B

Thanks for the speed even in this difficult time. Petr, Liberec

Thanks for the borg and pectel support... Josef, EVO 9

I couldn't get bigger discs anywhere for the last model 2018. I couldn't believe it when the guys sent me a picture of the Performance Friction discs where they had 8 sets…Thanks Petr, STI 2018

I didn't want to belive that we could revive our forester again. Once we heard how much it would be to repair at Subaru, we were in shock. Way over our budget. I'm so glad that i met you guys from SubaruSTI.cz Karel, Forestr Boxer Diesel

Thanks for all! Honza, Beroun

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for solving our problems with a broken engine crank. Ultimately, when we calculated the repair costs, we saved 94,000 crowns at your place compared to Subaru in Prague. Martina Urbánková, Outback

Unbelievable patience and knowledge in the field. I almost took our diesel Impreza to the junkyard. Thanks again. Stanislav, Nová Paka

Our good ol' diesel died. We started dealing with the situation by bringing it to a Czech Suabru dealer. UNSOLVABLE! Thanks god we came across these guys. Thank you Subarusti.cz from Peter at Varů Petr K., Forester Diesel

The attitude of these guys are phenomenal. The car brakes, turns and drives as if the STI was brand new. Well I'm happy, my goal was reaching 400 hp. So im completely satisfied. Thanks. Jáchym Novák, Nova Paka, STI 2013

Exclusive support great speed of delivery. Thank you Rosta! Miloš Malchr, STI 2015

6 coils and 4 lambdas, thanks...   Jonáš, H6

!Thanks for the clutch boys, I'm all ready and armored for the winter!   Ota, Impreza WRX 2009

I don't know anyone in Central Europe who would stock Okada Projects coils. Highly recommend! Petr K., Subaru BRZ

I have been dealing with a CEL coil problem for a long time with my BRZ. I didn't expect to buy an original coil from the guys for half as much as from Subaru. I recommend. Jenda, Subaru BRZ

Thanks guys! Finally my BRZ is braking again. Kamil, Subaru BRZ

Nobody seems to have anything in stock for the BRZ until I came across a shop full of STI parts. The next day I was already braking and bragging on Facebook. Martin, BRZ

My EJ25 had a blown gasket. :( Thanks to the guys at subarusti.cz, i got in touch with the perfect Subaru service. Today i even had it forged. :) Great attitude. Martin Krobs, WRX STI 2011

At 23:30 in the night, i shot them an email for fun for a exhaust for my Subaru Levorg, even though it wasn't in stock on their e-shop. Fast forward 4 days and we're assembling the exhaust in the workshop! Perfect approach and advice. I mean i guess thTomáš, Levorg

Unfortunately i was met by a knocking engine. And at first i didn't know what to do. But thanks to Rosta's patients, he was willing to spend 100+hrs with me on the phone to sort everything out. I admire his work and customer service towards his customeMichal Janotka, STI 2008

Thank you subarusti.cz for the porn! Filip, Forester Turbo

Finally, things are moving a little and the STI is finished, thanks to Mr. Daněk & Fejfar. Great work and many thanks to 4turbo.pl as well Pepa, STI 2006

I would like to thank SubaruSTI.cz for a great job. They have advised me which downpipe would fit on my car and it fits perfectly. And other dealers have informed me that this part still needed to be serviced on the car. Josef, STI 2006

Finally my brakes are all sorted out, thanks to you guys. Thanks SubaruSTI.cz, means alot. Zbyněk, Legacy SpecB

When this comes to you in the mail, it means only one thing... You have left a lot of money. Thanks for the great service and advice. Michal, Impreza WRX 2004

Thanks a lot, great satisfaction. I recommend Subarusti.cz. Jirka, WRX 2006

Thank you very much! - very friendly dealings - perfect attitude - processing speed - limitless knowledge of Subaru - excellent advice. Lukáš, VW Bus

My experience, staisfied to the max. All i can say, I recommend. And great experience they have with subaru. Marko Holyday

I recommend! Willingness, quality, great prices and great people. Lucka M.

I can only recommend, fast delivery, help and willingness to advise FuGas

I can only recommend. I bought brake discs, brake pads and etc. Great communication, price and willingness to advise.Lukáš Mihalik

Quick dealings, sending the package and above all the quality of the products. Jan Sanny, WRX 2003

Excellent communication with the seller even after the purchase of the goods and assurance that everything is OK. Furthermore, a good price and a personal approach are the main reasons why I would recommend the store to others. Jirka, Subaru Impreza WRX

Excellent communication, super price and super personal approach. Jarda, Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008

Thank you for the fair dealings and fair handling. Kyslík, Subaru Impreza RA

The bumper is in great condition. One hundred percent I will contact you again and I am really excited. Lukáš K, Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2006

Rosta, thanks for the info and you put my mind at ease. You are really cool and deserve a really big kiss from me! :-DMartin, Subaru STI 2011

I can only recommend! Dealing, approach, quality of goods, willingness and experience of a true Subaru owner :-). He will recommend the best choice and in case if your confused, he explain even for those who do not understand.Dominik, Subaru GT

Completely professional approach, communication without a problem. I RECOMMEND.Karloz, Subaru GT

Completely professional approach, communication without a problem. I RECOMMEND. Lukáš, Subaru WRX

I recommend! Great handling and fast dispatch of parcels. Perfect communication and knowledge everything about Suabru . Otík B., Subaru Impreza WRX 2004

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