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We know how to teach your Subaru to brake and turn thanks to DCCD!

What is this DCCD and how does it work?

DCCD - The Driver's Control Centre Differential (DCCD) allows the center differential locking of the WRX STI to be dialed in and adjust its handling. It adjusts both an electromagnetic multi-plate transfer clutch and mechanical locking of a Limited Slip Differential (LSD) to distribute torque to the front and rear wheels.

THe DCCD differential distributes torque between the front and rear axles. To give an idea, DCCD allows the front wheels to turn at a different torque/speed than the rear wheels.

In the serial state, we have the option of choosing manual or automatic mode. In manual mode, we shift the torque / ratio from the rear wheels to the front wheels. When the diff is so-called open, the car behaves more like rear-wheel drive, because 61% of the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels and the remaining 39% goes to the front. Thanks to the manual mode, we can gradually lock the differential up to the final position of 50:50. Don't forget that Subaru is the only permanent four-wheeler on the market. In automatic mode, the car tries to help the driver. The younger the STIs, the more intelligent the system is. However, it's still pretty stupid in principle, as it still only uses DCCD lock information.

In order for the car to be more playful, fun, overwhelming and the most important safer. The DCCD system has to be slighlty modified or improved due to the control unit has to evalaute real time. (Ing. Pavel Skácel).

Why should I buy this DCCD smart unit?

- After installation with the unit, the car becomes more playful. For example, you can over-steer it more and then the so called (clumping) effect disappears.
- Improving the interpretation/readability of the vehicle
- Improving the driving characteristics of the vehicle
- Improving vehichle handling
- Significant improvement in vehicle braking, especially on unpaved surfaces and snow
- The possibility of using the vehicle closer to the edge of the laws of physics
- Reducing tire wear while maintaining the original driving style

Will I lose my factoy car warranty once the DCCD unit is installed?

Often our Subaru fans ask us if they will lose their warranty. (The Ing. Pavel Skácela warranty) No, you won't really lose your warranty. The unit does not affect the behavior of the engine (turbo pressure, advance, etc.) nor does it in any way write values ​​to the main engine control unit, it only reads sensor values, such as the opening of the throttle. In the event that you have to go to warranty service and you are still afraid that someone will discover the unit and make a "scene", you can disconnect the unit at any time and connect the DCCD serial unit by simply snapping the connector.

What sensors and values ​​does your 2008-2014 N14 model read/use?

For the N14 model e.g., Subaru impreza WRX STI, hatchback or sedan. Versions produced between 2008 and 2014. There is a programmable differential controlled unit software available. It doesnt matter if this is plugged into the hatchback version or either the sedan version.

The STI N14 models are already equipped with all the necessary sensors from the ground up:

1. Steering wheel angle sensor (Steering wheel ring)
2. Lateral overload / lateral acceleration sensor
3. Break pedal pressure sensor
4. ABS sensors for reading individual wheel speeds
5. Handbrake sensor for disconnecting the rear axle
6. Throttle sensor
7. Intake manifold pressure sensor
8. Reversing Senors
9. Brake light sensors

It’s a good thing that someone at Subaru thought of during the development of the car and installed all the sensors in the car from the factory, you only need to connect (Skácel's) DCCD control unit to the car and configure it. It should be noted that the Impreza STI models after 2008 already communicate via the (CAN), so all information is transferred very quickly and thanks to the digital transmission, the locking of the differential (yes, I'm still talking about DCCD) when braking is smoother, "softer/gentler" than in older STI model years.

What preset maps will I get in the car and how will I switch between them?

You can customize the sub's behavior in automatic mode using preset maps. You will have 6 of these from us and we believe that they will be enough for you. Specifically, it is about these maps as listed:

1. Dry Asphalt Fast
2. Dry Asphalt Technical
3. Wet Asphalt
4. Gravel Fast or Wet Straights
5. Gravel Technical / Very Wet / Sprinkle / Muddy Straights or Snow
6. Snow, Snow Metal Studded Tires and Series Drift Mode

You can edit individual maps yourself, as we will provide you with a debugging cable (that sounds great) and the necessary software. If you turn off the maps, you can always upload them back to the default ones, and even if you overwrite them, they are available for download below.

Switching maps in automatic mode is done with the plus and minus selector on the DCCD panel, just below the SI Drive wheel. Of course, you can change maps at any time while driving. You can recognize the selected map by looking at the display, which indicates the compatibility of the DCCD on the alarm clocks. The dash at the very bottom represents map number 1 (dry asphalt fast) and the dash at the very top, in your case the LOCK icon, represents map number 6 (map for fooling around).

How difficult is it to install the DCCD unit? And can I do it myself at home?

It goes without saying that when you buy a unit, either directly from us at SubaruSTI.cz or from (Ing. Pavla Skácel), that we will install it for you. However, if you don't want to come to us in Ostrava or Kroměříž to Pavlov, we firmly believe that you can install the unit yourself.

Who and which type of people drive with this unit?

Well let’s be honest we’ve all seen Ken Block’s video of him and his STI. Belive it or not Ken Block is using the DCU unit that was originated in Kroměříž on Pavlov's table. It's not enough? How about Travis Pastrana, or Colin McRae himself. Yes, they also had this unit in there car. Also Czech elite drivers such as Vašek Kopáček or Vojta Štajf drive with the unit both in rally and on the hill, a lot of amateurs both in hobby and normal traffic. And last but not least, all our cars run with this unit.

How to set up the unit and calibrate it?

First, it is always necessary to set up for example, virtual zero. The ideal situation is to drive the car a short distance after connecting the unit and adjust the steering wheel so that the car drives straight. It does not mean that the steering wheel is straight, that the wheels are straight.

Now turn off the engine, turn the key to position 1, move the steering wheel a little to the left and a little to the right and return to the original position. Then hold the AUTO/MANUAL button on the DCCD panel for 7 seconds. The DCCD indication lights up on the display. That is that you have it set up correctly.

ATTENTION! Always when you bang your wheel against a bollard/curb, change wheels, change tires and etc. You need to set this virtual zero. If the zero is not set correctly, the unit will not work properly and the differential will lock, which is not what we want.

Once we have set up (virtual zero), we’ll go over to the settings sensor on the gas pedal and on the pressure brake sensor.

So press and hold the AUTO/MANUAL button and start the car at the same time. You will see the plus and minus signs flashing on the alarm clocks. That is that you managed to get into unit learning mode. Now, when the car is started, press the gas pedal with full force that the gas pedal is on the floor because the car needs to spit out several times. After the revs drop, immediately press the brake pedal with full force.

Now turn off the engine and start the car again in the normal way. Make sure the parking brake is released and the unit is in AUTO mode (map selected). You will know the functionality of the sensors and the unit when you start driving, that the DCCD indicator on the alarm clock will rise and fall (from the 1st to the 6th line). The situation will be the same with the brakes.

Once everything is working like normal, try to pull the handbrake. That should disconnect the diff, if all the functions are working properly. You should see on the DCCD display that there should be one line on the display.

What should I do If I dont have the DCCD in my car? And I really want It?

It depends on which model of year is your car. A DCCD differential can be installed in 6 quality cabinets from 2001. Up to 5 quality cabinets, the process is a bit more complicated, as the diffs are no longer so easily available.

As we are the official dealer of these units, you can buy it at us just by clicking this link.

We're making Subaru with true love and satisfied Subarulovers are proof of it

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Thanks for all! Honza, Beroun

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for solving our problems with a broken engine crank. Ultimately, when we calculated the repair costs, we saved 94,000 crowns at your place compared to Subaru in Prague. Martina Urbánková, Outback

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6 coils and 4 lambdas, thanks...   Jonáš, H6

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I don't know anyone in Central Europe who would stock Okada Projects coils. Highly recommend! Petr K., Subaru BRZ

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Nobody seems to have anything in stock for the BRZ until I came across a shop full of STI parts. The next day I was already braking and bragging on Facebook. Martin, BRZ

My EJ25 had a blown gasket. :( Thanks to the guys at subarusti.cz, i got in touch with the perfect Subaru service. Today i even had it forged. :) Great attitude. Martin Krobs, WRX STI 2011

At 23:30 in the night, i shot them an email for fun for a exhaust for my Subaru Levorg, even though it wasn't in stock on their e-shop. Fast forward 4 days and we're assembling the exhaust in the workshop! Perfect approach and advice. I mean i guess thTomáš, Levorg

Unfortunately i was met by a knocking engine. And at first i didn't know what to do. But thanks to Rosta's patients, he was willing to spend 100+hrs with me on the phone to sort everything out. I admire his work and customer service towards his customeMichal Janotka, STI 2008

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When this comes to you in the mail, it means only one thing... You have left a lot of money. Thanks for the great service and advice. Michal, Impreza WRX 2004

Thanks a lot, great satisfaction. I recommend Subarusti.cz. Jirka, WRX 2006

Thank you very much! - very friendly dealings - perfect attitude - processing speed - limitless knowledge of Subaru - excellent advice. Lukáš, VW Bus

My experience, staisfied to the max. All i can say, I recommend. And great experience they have with subaru. Marko Holyday

I recommend! Willingness, quality, great prices and great people. Lucka M.

I can only recommend, fast delivery, help and willingness to advise FuGas

I can only recommend. I bought brake discs, brake pads and etc. Great communication, price and willingness to advise.Lukáš Mihalik

Quick dealings, sending the package and above all the quality of the products. Jan Sanny, WRX 2003

Excellent communication with the seller even after the purchase of the goods and assurance that everything is OK. Furthermore, a good price and a personal approach are the main reasons why I would recommend the store to others. Jirka, Subaru Impreza WRX

Excellent communication, super price and super personal approach. Jarda, Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008

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I can only recommend! Dealing, approach, quality of goods, willingness and experience of a true Subaru owner :-). He will recommend the best choice and in case if your confused, he explain even for those who do not understand.Dominik, Subaru GT

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Completely professional approach, communication without a problem. I RECOMMEND. Lukáš, Subaru WRX

I recommend! Great handling and fast dispatch of parcels. Perfect communication and knowledge everything about Suabru . Otík B., Subaru Impreza WRX 2004

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